Marc Pierini

Visiting Scholar
Carnegie Europe
Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.


MA, Economic Sciences, University of Aix en Provence 


English; French; Italian

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Marc Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.

Pierini was a career EU diplomat from December 1976 to April 2012. He was EU ambassador and head of delegation to Turkey (2006–2011) and ambassador to Tunisia and Libya (2002–2006), Syria (1998–2002), and Morocco (1991–1995). He also served as the first coordinator for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, or the Barcelona Process, from 1995 to 1998 and was the main negotiator for the release of the Bulgarian hostages from Libya from 2004 to 2007.

Pierini served as counselor in the cabinet of two European commissioners: Claude Cheysson, from 1979 to 1981, and Abel Matutes, from 1989 to 1991. He has published three essays in French: “Le prix de la liberté,” “Télégrammes diplomatiques,” and “Où va la Turquie?.”

  • Strategic Europe September 22, 2014
    Tensions on the Turkish Border

    Chaos has descended along Turkey’s frontier with Syria. That raises a number of questions about Ankara’s efforts to combat the Islamic State militants.

  • Strategic Europe September 11, 2014
    The Return of the European Commission to Foreign Policy Making?

    The incoming president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, hopes to improve foreign policy coordination among the EU institutions. That is a laudable aim.

  • Tusk; Mogherini; Erdogan
    Op-Ed Hürriyet Daily News September 8, 2014
    Tusk, Mogherini, and Turkey

    The appointments of a new European Council president and EU foreign policy chief will impact EU-Turkey relations, but the critical test will be how both players respond to events in the Middle East.

  • erdogan; turkey
    Op-Ed Hürriyet Daily News August 14, 2014
    The West and President Erdoğan

    Now that Erdogan has won the Turkish Presidency, the question is how he will restore Turkey’s relationship with its allies and what the future of Turkish foreign policy will be.

  • European Union; Turkey
    Article July 30, 2014
    A Turkey Road Map for the Next EU Foreign Policy Chief

    A reshuffled EU leadership and a new Turkish presidency could provide a much-needed opportunity for a revamped EU-Turkey relationship.

  • Iraq; Kurdistan; Peshmerga
    Article July 10, 2014
    Do Not Belittle the Islamic State

    The declaration of a Middle Eastern caliphate has wide-reaching consequences for the region and the world. The West needs to realize the significance of what is happening.

  • Article July 3, 2014
    EU Foreign Policy in the Arab World: Three (Bad) Examples

    Reducing the role of the EU institutions in foreign policy making has severely dented the union’s standing, credibility, and influence in the Arab world and beyond.

  • Turkey
    Op-Ed Hürriyet Daily News June 30, 2014
    Can Turkey Become a Trusted Strategic EU Ally?

    Whoever will be the next president of Turkey will have the difficult task of rebuilding trust with the EU. The challenge is linked to Turkey’s foreign and domestic policies.

  • Article June 10, 2014 عربي
    The European Union’s Concerns About Syria

    The Syrian conflict has recently become a major source of concern for Europe, but it could still be overshadowed by an escalation of tensions in Ukraine.

  • European Union; European Elections
    Op-Ed Hürriyet Daily News June 2, 2014
    Too Big, Too Interfering: The EU Will Shrink!

    EU governments have been rocked by the results of the European elections. The outcome could be a reduction in the political weight of the European Commission.

  • European Union
    Euronews December 19, 2013
    Defense Tops the Agenda for EU Leaders

    At December’s European Council summit, European defense topped the agenda for EU leaders. One key issue under discussion was pooling and sharing of military capabilities.

  • Unrest
    Voice of Russia June 25, 2013
    Division Between Supporters and Opponents of Morsi

    Tension has increased between supporters and opponents of President Morsi, with both threatening to stage mass protests on the one year anniversary of the president taking office.

  • Erdogan
    China Radio International's Beyond Beijing April 4, 2013
    Turkey at the Political and Geographic Nexus

    Turkey has experienced rising influence, but struggles with internal divides. Currently, it is dealing with regional developments in pursuing peace with the PKK and Israel.

  • Erdogan
    Fox News April 4, 2013
    Is Turkey Taking the Lead Against Assad's Regime?

    Following the Syrian crisis, Turkey's main role will be that of providing reconstruction aid.


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