Europe’s Self-Imposed Blindness Toward Russia

Strategic Europe July 22, 2014

When European foreign ministers meet on July 22 they might finally understand what the downing of MH17 means for their policy toward Russia.



Crisis in Ukraine

June 25, 2014

The situation in Ukraine is spiraling downward. Read comprehensive analysis from Brussels, Moscow, and Washington and follow Carnegie experts on Twitter for instant reactions.

Latest Analysis

The Tragedies of Ukraine and Gaza
Judy Dempsey, Strategic Europe

Ukraine and the Aftermath of the Downing of Flight MH17
Dmitri Trenin, The Guardian

Is There a Solution?
Sergei Aleksashenko, Eurasia Outlook

How the EU Sleepwalked Into a Conflict With Russia
Ulrich Speck


Carnegie Europe Named European Think Tank of the Year

Press Release July 17, 2014

The Prospect Think Tank of the Year Awards are an annual celebration of the important and influential work done by think tanks across the globe. The awards give credit to the most original, influential, and rigorous work on the most pressing challenges facing people, governments, and businesses today.

“Carnegie Europe was praised by the judges for its excellent access, its convening power, and its willingness to speak difficult truths to power,” Prospect affirmed.


Do Not Belittle the Islamic State

Article July 17, 2014

The declaration of a Middle Eastern caliphate has wide-reaching consequences for the region and the world. The West needs to realize the significance of what is happening.

Topics Discussed

Why Defense Matters: A New Narrative for NATO

Paper June 24, 2014

It is time for all NATO countries to engage in a real strategic debate about why defense matters and what members should do to uphold the transatlantic relationship.


The EU and Global (Dis)Order

Article July 14, 2014

With the current liberal world order under threat, it is high time the EU fine-tuned the ways in which it defends its core principles.


Can Turkey Become a Trusted Strategic EU Ally?

Hürriyet Daily News July 1, 2014

Whoever will be the next president of Turkey will have the difficult task of rebuilding trust with the EU. The challenge is linked to Turkey’s foreign and domestic policies.

Topics Discussed

EU-Iran Relations: A Strategic Assessment

Article July 1, 2014

The EU needs to look beyond nuclear negotiations and develop a comprehensive strategy for dealing with Iran.

Topics Discussed

Locked In or Left Out? Transatlantic Trade Beyond Brussels and Washington

Paper June 3, 2014

The United States and the EU are negotiating a transatlantic trade deal that could be difficult to multilateralize. Third countries should engage now to avoid that danger later.


EU Foreign Policy in the Arab World: Three (Bad) Examples

Article May 3, 2014

Reducing the role of the EU institutions in foreign policy making has severely dented the union’s standing, credibility, and influence in the Arab world and beyond.

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